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Say a prayer for our p7 candidates

Our very own Shalom Mitala crowned as little Miss Africa.

Show- casing sports at kings

When you take your child to school and want them to really turn out transformed, you cannot be expecting them to only know arithmetic, English and maybe French as well as Science. You expect that your child will leave school with a healthy mind in a healthy body, as the adage goes.
That is precisely why in addition to routine teaching, kings schools also actively participates in sports trying to develop and improve children’s talents. Children enjoy a flexible program that combines classroom work, practical illustrations
and learning through play. Organizing sports activities is always what they look forward to during the year’s school events. As a school, in order to have our children fit, we usually have weekly activities like Aerobics, swimming and other physical excises, while here, we train our children to participate in sports not for instant success and results but rather to develop their physical and intellectual skills. After a few years without having competition in sports, we decided to organize a mega annual sports gala which was held on 29/06/2019 at Kitebi grounds in Wankulukuku
The tiny vibrant tots enjoyed the event with full enthusiasm. Both teachers and parents graced the occasion and made it memorable for our guests and the entire school fraternity, all were often seen on the sidelines encouraging the pupils to give their best performance.
The colorful event that spanned over six hours included a number of sports games such as athletics, hurdle race , button race, around the cone, risk jump, hoola hoop race, daddy’s shoe, motorcycle race among others that were competed for in by different houses.

Most parents and other invited guests including our sponsors for the event commended the school for organizing such a wonderful event that brought not only the school but the community together. The pupils put their best foot forward and competed with each other with passion and determination to win; a spirit we at kings schools instill in our pupils always.
But as usual, there is always a winner and loser in every race. Among the four houses that competed, yellow emerged winner, followed by Red, Green then Blue respectively. All pupils that won in different activities were awarded medals while the winning colour house received 1st, 2nd and 3rd trophies respectvely.
Special thanks go to the sponsors of this great event ; Multiple industries, Giant Uganda limited, UAP Insurance Company, Outlet stores, Plantek, Smart floors, Lwegatech, Centenary Bank, Intercontinental Insurance Brokers, Viva General Merchandise, and City tyres. Not forgetting our dear parents, because without your support, we would not have made it.
As a school we shall continue to involve our children in different sports activities as we are planning to also introduce new activities like, volleyball, chess, football, basketball and bad Minton, all these are in pipeline and looking forward to working with you our dear parents to see that we develop our children’s talents.

The Power of Storytelling

 We have all heard the “back in my day” stories told to us by our parents and grandparents and most of us almost instinctively started to roll our eyes because they were often used to show us how easy we have it compared to them.  But these stories and others like them have played a powerful part in our development.

Storytelling is the oldest form of education. People around the world have always told tales as a way of passing down their cultural beliefs, traditions, and history to future generations. Why? Stories are at the core of all that makes us human. (Hamilton & Weiss, 2005)

Storytelling helps improve children’s listening and attention skills.  Along with language skills, which are strengthened by exposing children to new vocabulary.  It also models how speech inflections can alter meanings to words and sentences.  During storytelling, children have to use their imagination to picture in their mind characters and plots.  This then strengthens memories as they have to remember details from one time to the next.  It enhances cultural understanding by exposing them to their own culture and others.  It helps children become aware of changes through time and gives them a chance to imagine what life was like for people in those times.

So be brave and tell a story.  Use different voices, get silly, and animate your face and body and watch as your child’s eyes light up.


Source: https://learningchildblog.com/